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Hunan Tongxin Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Changsha City, Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Economic Circle, Huanghua International Airport, Changyong Expressway, S103 Line, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Jing-Guang Railroad running through the north and south. Hunan Tongxin is a professional manufacturer of various types of truck body, passenger car body and mold design and manufacture of diversified group companies.

30 years of wind and rain, cast a concentric first-class brand. The courage to innovate with the people afraid of hardships, advancing with the times, in recent years, the company implemented a large development strategy, inline expansion, combination, enterprise economic growth. Under the jurisdiction of the company Plum Body Factory, Hunan concentric Die Manufacturing Co., Ltd., concentric Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., concentric Zhucheng Body Co., Ltd., concentric Ziyang body manufacturing company, a large group of companies across the river north and south.

Various types of car body, the mold is the company's two pillar industries, with an annual output of various types of automobile body more than 200,000 sets. The main body products are small, light, medium and heavy truck body, long head, flat head, construction machinery covers, agricultural equipment, such as six series over 80 varieties. Passenger car series has the world's new SUV6480 multi-purpose sports car. Covering 23 provinces and cities nationwide, forming a nationwide sales network and exports in Southeast Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and other places.

Mold design and manufacturing is the company's second largest pillar industry. In 2003 the company invested 150 million yuan, from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, the introduction of advanced CNC machine tools, three-dimensional coordinate laser scanning measurement system, laser five-axis cutting machine and other equipment, built the world's advanced level of mold design CNC machining center, The product development capability, manufacturing speed, short development cycle, the quality of fine, for the domestic automobile manufacturers product updates, the development of multi-faceted services. Hunan University School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering as my company's technical support units, over the years, in personnel training, technology research, equipment modification and other fields, joint cooperation, the effect is significant.

2003 was the "State Council Science and Technology Progress Award", the provincial Science and Technology Department as a "high-tech enterprises" in 2006 by the Hunan Provincial Economic Commission as "Hunan Province Automotive Body Engineering Technology Research Center", "Tongxin" For the well-known trademarks in Hunan Province, Hunan famous brand, well-known trademarks in China. The company has now become the main force of Hunan's automobile industry, one of Changsha's 20 largest economic pillar enterprises, and the top 20 private enterprises in Hunan Province.

The company of "quality of life forget not forget, the development must be innovative" business philosophy, enterprise cohesion, strict discipline, style of work, good results every year, a new level year. Tongxinren confidence, unity and struggle, determined to high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service dedicated to the vast number of users, "to do everything I can, the integrity of the world" wholeheartedly welcome manufacturers around the country and I work together for a better tomorrow .